Post update issue with Tacx/Garmin Neo Smart Bike

It’s started running the flywheel after a ride. Like for hours, if I let it. It just keeps running. The first time I thought it was doing a spin-down calibration as the Kickr Bike I had would do that occasionally, but it just keeps on running. I can stop it if I unplug it, but so far, post update, this is the second ride, and it’s still running and running and running. It doesn’t show any RPM, probably because the cranks aren’t turning, but is showing a steady speed of 4.7 km/h.

Anyone else seeing this? Anyone else have this trainer? I’m on the current firmware too. Just an odd thing it started doing…

I’ve seen this w/the Neo trainer a couple of times over the years, but iirc it stops once I quit Zwift. FYI, always close Zwift out completely (force quit if on iPad, iOS, tvOS).

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Zwift is not running, but the flywheel still is. It USED to do as you describe, but so far it’s just running on at that speed. Thanks for the comment though.

Not sure what platform you run Zwift on hence my comment to completely close it out. For example, on iOS or tvOS, it’s easy to finish and save the ride, but leave Zwift running in the background as you switch to some other app. This can cause all kinds of issues sooner or later.

Do you typically leave the bike plugged in and powered all the time? I’ve always turned off the power strip after each ride.

I’m used to it stopping and becoming inert when I quit Zwift. I use a Mac. It’s been pretty predictable: Done, Stop Zwift, Bike goes to sleep. Just odd. No, I unplug it after use.