Tacx Neo 2 Conundrum

Hi Zwifters!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and looking forward to the new year.

I clean my pain cave twice a year whether it needs it or not. So, the other day I unplugged my beloved Tacx Neo 2 and moved it out of the pain cave during room cleaning. When I plugged it back in, it had two brand new odd behaviors with the Neo, not me.

First odd behavior: when I get on my bike, the Neo flywheel now slips about a half a pedal stroke before there is any resistance (Note this is not the infamous virtual split problem the Neo 2T apparently solved.) My slip of the flywheel is on your first pedal stroke only and did not happen at all before I unplugged it and plugged it back in. This slip also happens during a zwift ride but only after you stopped. When you are pedaling, there is no slip and everything works correctly during a zwift ride.

Second odd behavior: When you stop pedaling, the Neo flywheel now does NOT keep spinning down. The flywheel just stops within a second or two after you quit pedaling.

I have now had 4 smart trainers since I’ve been zwifting (Tacx Flux, Tacx Neo, Hammer, Elite, Wahoo KC). All these trainer’s Flywheels kept spinning after you stop pedaling. But now my Neo does not. This does not seem normal. For 1.5 years, it never did this.

You don’t calibrate the Neo, and I have turned it on and off several times. I checked all the Neo settings on Zwift and the Tacx Training app for the Neo. Nothing here to help me.

So has anybody experienced these issues with the Neo? If so, any suggestions? Please note the Neo is working perfectly with Zwift and my Zwift numbers look normal, so I can live with these new oddities, but I don’t want to :crazy_face:

Thanks in Advance for any help.

Cheers, Mike from Colorado, USA

For the first problem, any chance you might have a loose connection somewhere between the wall outlet and the trainer? This sounds to me a bit like how it behaves normally when operated without external power.


Anna Ronkainen -

I am so dam(n) embarrassed! Yes, that was it!!! The cord going from the power outlet to the Neo brick was completely loose at the brick. I connected it correctly and both those issues went away :grinning: :yum: :crazy_face:

I am glad you’re a regular on these Forums. Just change “Regular” to “Regular Genius” and you will be good to go.

I’m gonna go chase Coco now and get my derriere kicked :flushed:

Thanks again very much.