New Tacx Neo + zwift

Hi all. I have just received my Tacx Neo. T2800.
For some reason, after firmware update and being connected to zwift app the Tacx doesn’t provide any resistance through the flywheel. What on earth am I doing wrong?
Please help!!

Thanks so much

Is your Neo paired as the power source and as the controllable trainer?

Are you running Zwift on Mac, PC, iPhone, Apple TV, etc…?

Good morning. I have installed all, updated firmware and the blue light is on as well on the neo as I am linked to the app of Tacx / or Zwift.

The flywheel doesn’t provide any resistance. When I start pedaling, even when I haven’t started an exercise it should immediately give some right or no? I really don’t understand…

If the NEO is paired to the Tacx app, then Zwift will not work. Make sure the Tacx app is closed.

In Zwift, on the pairing screen, make sure you pair the Neo as your “Power” and as “Controllable Trainer”.

Give us a screenshot of your Zwift pairing screen.