No resistance tacx neo


Hello, I have the Tacx Neo trainer and the trainer updated with the latest firmware. Further I use the Tacx NT+ dongle. When I start up Zwift I can choose two trainers to pair. Tacx PWR 7514 or Tacx NEO 7514 under power trainer. Selecting the one or other results in the same problem; no resistance when I start riding. Can anybody help me with this problem.

Thanks in advance.

René Lems



Does your NEO work fine with TTS4  (or Tacx android/IOS app) ?

If yes, one can be sure that the NEO is OK.

I have seen this before. Restart your Neo and unplug yout ANT+ dongle. Restart Zwift and everything is ok. If this isn’t the case with your issue and the above solution didn’t work you will need to raise a case at Tacx. If your Neo is working ok in the iOS app the you should raise a case at Zwift.

Submit your most recent log files to Zwift. You can find them in MyDocuments\Zwift\Logs

Thanks Stephane and Bastiaan, My NEO works well now.

Regards René