Zwift newb

hi, i’m trying my first zwift ride with a kickr bike but bike seems to have a mind of its own,
keeps inclining and declining for no reason and changing gear does nothing, seems like i’m in first all the time. done a few workout rides and everything seems fine i have erg mode off

make sure you calibrate the trainer before you start riding on Zwift.
also you generally want to have ERG mode switched on during workouts, so that the trainer automatically adjusts the resistance for you to meet the power/cadence specified by the workout programme.

Thanks for reply Ben.
How do you mean calibrate trainer I’ve not had any problem during workouts.
its just tonight when I tried racing first time, The bike seems possessed it usually declines fully before race starts then can’t keep up as always in first gear . Everything is connected via Bluetooth

no idea but if u’ve just dropped like 3 grand on a kickr bike and can’t find the answer here: KICKR BIKE – Wahoo Fitness Support i’d go straight to wahoo customer support and have them talk you through it.

ok cheers ben, ive had bike nearly a year now been fine with other apps just shelled out for a samsung s7 but it will only connect via bluetooth. going try borrow an ipad see if makes a difference first

quick update works fine on windows 10 laptop. so looks like something conflicting with samsung s7 tablet

reinstalled zwift on tablet and seems ok now, only tried 1 race will test more next few days :smiley: