Wahoo Bike on Trainer Road vs Zwift

I recently bought a Wahoo Bike and it works great on Trainer Road and horrible on Zwift.

On Zwift the bike never tilts and it is not even clear if the bike on Zwift is in ERG mode, or not. I use to find ERG mode very easily and now it seems hidden so I can’t even test if that is the problem. I have been a Zwift member for more than five years but I am about to cancel my memberships.

When my wife uses Zwift with her wahoo kickr and climbr, that works fine but the Wahoo bike ride is totally off regarding power and effort.

I have the 1st year Kickr Bike and have been riding it on zwift since taking possession. Don’t have any issues. Running zwift on a wired PC with GPU. Bike is paired via ANT+. Bike’s tilt feature only works in free ride, ie, will not work in erg mode.

Take a look at this thread if you haven’t already:


I had problems to begin with, but it was because I had not upgraded the firmware for the kickr bike on the wahoo app, also if you switch from wahoo to Zwift, you need to make sure that the Wahoo SYSTM app has released the bike from its Bluetooth, otherwise the settings will apply while you’re trying to go onto Zwift. So, quit the app and disconnect/reconnect Bluetooth before going on Zwift. Oh, yes, and make sure that your weight and your FTP are entered in the Zwift rider profile.

Once I realised that, I was able to do everything on Zwift no problem, and the bike tilts and everything.

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You are absolutely correct. It is now responding.


I am glad, Kevin, it’s a great bike! Also I think I noticed that now when you’re riding on Zwift the menu lets you choose ERG mode… need to pay more attention on my next ride tomorrow :joy: