Kickr Bike not tilting

I’ve today replaced my Kickr trainer with climb unit, for the Wahoo bike, all’s fine with the exception that its not tilting to reflect Zwift gradient . The trainer difficulty is set to 100% and its unlocked,I’m free riding so there’s should be ERG effect . The tilt works fine if I use the manual buttons . I’ve run out of ideas now , help please .

You say you’ve replaced your Kickr with the climb unit—but what trainer are you using in place of the rear wheel?

Sorry , I didn’t express that well ,I’d didn’t say that . I said I had replaced the Kickr (with climb unit) , for a Wahoo bike. So the issue is with the Wahoo bike.Thanks

lol yes, well apparently reading > me. Anyway, you’re not in a workout, trainer difficulty at 100%, bike is unlocked… Have you looked through the usual support pages like this one and followed out the protocol? Probably you have, but it’s worth asking.

Just so you know, the issue was that it was still attached to the Wahoo App as well as Zwift . This seems to stop the tilt from working .

Barry, something similar happens to me. I have no Kickr Bike or Kickr Climb, just a Kickr 18. However, when I use the wahoo app (to calibrate Kickr) if I do not click Forget Sensor before exiting my Kickr will read elevations wrongly from Zwift.