Kickr Bike not tilting

I’ve today replaced my Kickr trainer with climb unit, for the Wahoo bike, all’s fine with the exception that its not tilting to reflect Zwift gradient . The trainer difficulty is set to 100% and its unlocked,I’m free riding so there’s should be ERG effect . The tilt works fine if I use the manual buttons . I’ve run out of ideas now , help please .

You say you’ve replaced your Kickr with the climb unit—but what trainer are you using in place of the rear wheel?

Sorry , I didn’t express that well ,I’d didn’t say that . I said I had replaced the Kickr (with climb unit) , for a Wahoo bike. So the issue is with the Wahoo bike.Thanks

lol yes, well apparently reading > me. Anyway, you’re not in a workout, trainer difficulty at 100%, bike is unlocked… Have you looked through the usual support pages like this one and followed out the protocol? Probably you have, but it’s worth asking.