Wahoo kicker bike won’t tilt and can’t change trainer difficulty

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I’ve read threads about my problem with Kicker bikes that won’t tilt and I’m pretty sure that my solution is to change my trainer difficulty that might be at 0, but it isn’t showing anymore in the settings of Zwift when I’m connected with my Kicker bike. Is the trainer difficulty now gone?

If I’m free riding and not training and if I don’t have a wahoo app connected to the bike at the same time, what may cause my bike not to tilt or my pedals not feeling the different resistances from hills?

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If you don’t see the Trainer difficulty then I would assume you did not pair the trainer as controllable in the pairing screen.

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This is for sure the reason,. It makes a lot of sense and explains everything. Now, how come I’m not invited to pair my bike as a controllable device? I use the left choice in the pairing screen and I only have one choice in the top square and the one under it (I don’t pair a heart rate device).

It should look like this



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With my Wahoo Kickr Bike, it gets connected as Power Source, Cadence, and Controllable, with the same name.

To make your bike tilt, two things must happen:

  1. It should be a free ride. Tilt feature is disabled in workouts.
  2. You need to press “unlock” button on that little control unit on the frame next to your right knee. The button is on the side. A blue LED will illuminate in the center, next to gear number indicator when unlocked mode is on. When it is locked, you can only tilt the bike manually by buttons on the left brake/gear switching unit. When it is unlocked, cycling app is allowed to control the tilt.

You are right that trainer difficulty also scales by how much it tilts, so when it is at zero, it would not tilt. You can check for this and adjust it by editing configuration file in you Documents folder if you cannot find it in the menu. It is an XML file, and it is easy to find which XML string contains trainer difficulty. The values there is from 0 to 1. But indeed, if you see it in the menu, it is probably not set as a controllable.

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Great help this picture, thanks a lot, it must have been my Wahoo apps that was still connected to my bike that made my controllable option invisible. It works great now. THANKS again!!!

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