Wahoo App and Zwift

I’ve had odd issues when running the wahoo app in the past with a wahoo trainer, like it becoming to hard to pedal for example. And issues with ERG mode. So I am accustomed to not having it on while using zwift

I recently got the wahoo bike and am wondering if the wahoo bike preference settings work if the wahoo app is not turned on when using zwift?

For example in the bike profile there are settings for the gearing. Will these settings transfer to be the default settings on zwift?

I’ve riding Wahoo Kickr Bike at home since last July. My take on your questions is as follows:

  1. I never have Wahoo app on and connected to the trainer when I am riding in Zwift. I do believe that it automatically disconnects when Kickr bike connects to Zwift.

  2. Gearing settings do transfer from Wahoo App to KICKR bike, but they do not and cannot transfer to Zwift. These settings determine simulated gearing and how gears switch, i.e., how KICKR Bike simulates a mechanical bike. Zwift does not know and does not care about your gears. It only cares about power which you generate.

I generally do not have issues in ERG mode, unless I drop the cadence to very low level.

Thanks makes sense