Unable to spindown after latest update

Running Zwift on an iPad with a 2020 Kickr, firmware 4.2.3 and after the most recent update, there are huge problems with how Zwift is braking the flywheel and reporting my power. The app is forcing the trainer to ramp up to huge resistance whilst I’m only displaying ultra low wattages, ie I’ll be doing “75w” on screen when I’m cooking it at 90rpm in a big gear doing probably 250w.

If I go to calibrate spindown through Zwift, it no longer gives me the most recent date of spindown. I can spindown and the resistance will go to 0% just for the spindown and then it lays the brake back on.

Furthermore if I try to do a ride, such as the Off the MAAP stage 1, I’ll be doing a consistent 90rpm in one single gear and the power is creep down quickly from 250w to 180w to maybe 90w and stay there. I know for a fact I’m not spinning at just 90w in a 53x13 going 90rpm. That’s not possible.