Many Tacx Neo 2's with cracks on underside released

I spoke with Garmin support yesterday in regards to a Neo 2 I just purchased. I noticed cracks on the underside of the blue frame. After speaking to Garmin, they said that there were quite a few released before they knew about it. Apparently the machine the tightens the bolts was set too high. When I took it back to my local bike shop, the others in stock also had cracks. Garmin will warranty the item, unfortunately it’s going to take several weeks due to no stock. They said it’s totally safe to use, mostly cosmetic and luckily I can use this one until the replacement arrives. Just an FYI for those who have the units, to check yours out.

I’m on my second one. The first one had a piece pop out and fly across the room. They said nothing to me about a reason for the problem. The replacement has cracked in the same area as the first one that ‘exploded’, although the first one had more extensive cracking on both ‘legs’ by the time that happened. I’m now doing more research into this cracking issue, now having two that have had this happen. I’m not a heavy person, and not a hammerhead either. Wondering if I should get a replacement and sell it and get a Wahoo Bike. It has some issues too, but I don’t think anyone has mentioned chunks of plastic flying off of it.

The difference between the two units was about 6 months. They should have been able to ‘fix’ the machine by then. Not sure what’s going on. Tacx not wanting to be bought out?

They’re replacing mine with a 2T. I’m hoping there are no issues with it! I was going to add the Neo Bike to my cycling room…not so sure now😬 I may also get the Wahoo bike instead.

Oh, sorry, now I read that you had a Neo 2. Hmm. They had cracking too? I was all into thinking I got ‘a bad one’ with my first 2T (the packing inside the box was rather beat up) and had never heard of issues like this, and the replacement would be different. If they replace this, still under warranty, what about the next time, out of warranty. Was your 2 still under warranty?

Tangent: I’m hoping Wahoo will upgrade their ‘bike’ with a hard line connection like the new Kickr. Skip Bluetooth and ANT+ altogether. THAT would be epic.


Yes, this Neo 2 had a crack out of the box. It’s brand new, so they replaced it with a new 2T. All the others in my area that have 2T’s haven’t had any problems. It’s a great trainer. I think they’re just in too much of a rush to get them out. They do have a 2 year warranty for stuff like this. It better not have issues! Or else…lol…