New Neo 2, broken out of box

I just received my Neo 2 (not 2T) and out of the box, it didn’t seem right. It feels like a magnet is “ON” and tugging.

I called support and they wanted me to send them a video of the problem. I did that and I am waiting for their response. In the meantime, I wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue and if they were able to solve the problem.

Here is an example. This is not of my Neo, but it resembles what I am experiencing with mine:

IIRC that’s what mine’s like. Not to that extent though.

It’s a bit “nobbly” at low speeds, but it goes away ah higher revs. It’s not designed to be turned by hand, and I think it’s to do with the very powerful magnets inside.

Definitely feels slightly “notchy” when moving the disc by hand though. It’s about 8 months old.

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that looks like how some types of electric motors behave when you spin them

the rotor kind of hops between positions that it likes to be in

how does it feel when you ride on it?

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Its impossible to ride.

for completeness… here is me on the bike… don’t mind my son… he is a teen :roll_eyes:

That appears to be a zero-second video.

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Yea… not sure what happened. Its fine on my side.

I assume it’s something to do with embedding videos directly from Google Photos (I think). Might need you to mark it as public or something.

I switched to using a link.The video is marked as public. Is that working?

Yes, that works.

No, that doesn’t sound anything like mine. :confused:

Def not ok. Mine is totally smooth and quiet. Only other thing I can think of would be chain suck (ie chain getting stuck on the cassette cogs). But that would only make a slight ticking noise I think.

If I take the bike off, and try moving it by hand, it “feels” just the same. Just like the first video.

I now have a replacement resistance unit. I can’t wait for my first real ride…and seeing what my new FTP is going to be :frowning_face: I fear the worst.

I did a test ride in Richmond and the cobbles felt neet. The sound was interesting a quiet humming, and now that I can hear my drivetrain I think I need to make some adjustments there. I like the flex in the legs and how the bike sways a bit. I hope this translates to more comfortable rides when I do 60+ miles on the weekends. The lights… meh. I don’t really look down.

So to wrap this up. My experience with Garmin Support was mixed, but given the current circumstances, I will try to be fair. I am sure they are inundated with calls about Tacx trainers.

The Garmin Support agent who worked on my case was helpful and on point. The issue I had was that the turn around time was super slow. To place it into context. four emails spanning a week and a half could have been cleared up in a 5-minute phone call (I did suggest this).

What’s left to do is to ship the broken unit and get my deposit back. That’s all on me.

Hope this post will help others who find themselves in a similar circumstance.