Loud noises coming from Tacx NeoBike

Anyone ever heard a noise like this when backpedalling/free wheeling?

Nevermind, I have videos of the noise occuring but cannot upload videos or post links.


Post the link and replace the . with the word dot and it should work. Or PM the url and I’ll post it up

Matt: which version of the NEObike do you own? Dead-giveaway: do the crankarms have single holes for a pedal or “bear claw” type, with three holes depending on what effective crank length you want? The latter is a rev-2 or later NEObike which has some under-the-hood drivetrain changes.

If you have the former, it could point to mechanical issues and is worth opening a support call to Tacx/Garmin.

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Thanks for the replies guys

NEOBike wise, its the second version with three holes.

Thanks for the tip on dot :slight_smile: , it was still catching me though after I had replaced every “.” with “dot”. PM sent.

Dean, your profile is private bud, cannot PM :slight_smile:

Here you go all you NEObike experts:

Brill, cheers :grin:

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