Tacx Neo 2t - long term users? How is it going?

Hey all,

So, yesterday I had the opportunity to get a lightly used Tacx Neo 2t for a really good price from a nice older gentleman nearby.

I haven’t had a chance to set it up yet but last night I stumbled on many discussions and videos about the longevity of these trainers. I have read many threads about dead trainers, bad bearings, etc. In particular is this issue of the bad bearings on the 2t not being serviceable like previous models.

Now I’m scared. I know this trainer works for now, but I’m worried it might not last long and as a second owner I’ll be out of luck.

Any long term users out there? Where are we on this bearing issue? Should I resell? For not much more money I could have gotten a CPO Kickr Core.


It might be manufactured after they realised the bearing issue and corrected it at the factory.

It might never cause you the bearing problem.

It’s easily repaired even if they do.

My advice just use it and don’t worry.

Only been using mine since August but all good so far, ride about 2 or 3 times a week, usually for 20-40 minutes each time.

A few other reports on here from 2T users having problems were people whose machine had just died suddenly. In each case they were heavier users, so my own speculation (based in part on how hot the unit gets even on short rides) is there may be a component failure due to overheating. But in general there don’t seem to be huge numbers of people coming to the forum with problems with it.

YMMV, of course…