My List and Home Screen Updates [April 2024]

I just noticed the hatchet flag a few days ago and was confused what it was supposed to be and why the change was made. One point in a long line of evidence that the UI/UX person at ZHQ is incompetent and/or hates the users.

I generally don’t root for people to lose their jobs but that whoever this person is is still around while good people like Flint are gone is mind blowing.

@shooj @evan-zwift you were able to get @Jon to come explain his bad idea about basic shadows on ultra profile, can you get whoever’s responsible for this mess to come engage with the community?


I understand Zwift’s thinking. There are probably many users who didn’t know about the scaling setting and therefore used unoptimal scaling. Scaling automatically makes sense, if it was implemented well.

Zwift probably knew what scaling most users used for different screen resolution/screen size by looking at telemetry from the clients. Doing some internal testing also wouldn’t hurt. If they wanted to create an automatic scaling that worked, it could be done by mapping screen resolution/size to screen scaling. It might not be that simple, but in my mind it is :blush:

@shooj can you please append the names of the workouts in the “10-12 Week FTP Builder” with the week or at least a number order. In the companion app (android) there is no way of knowing the order and I want to add them to “MyList”.

I share your observation, I don’t understand what’s behind eliminating a feature.

Not sure if this was already mentioned but the My List feature has the nice side effect (intended or not?) of giving another easy way to get into a world not on the rotation without having to create a meetup or workout. Just add a route from the other world to your list and it will be an option to select.


Auto scaling of course would be the better choice, there are plenty of applications and games that manage it with absolutely no problem. However as the FAQ clearly states, it’s too hard. And Zwift doesn’t do things that are hard. It might get in the way of other development.

Be honest with yourselves, would you really want great UI/UX design if it means you have to sacrifice confetti socks?


Another functionality issue with the Home Screen that was always there (and that I pointed out as an issue) but is an actual problem now with the mega tiles and narrow space used for them:

I typically ride with the C bots. As such there are two at the left of the pace partner list. I then have to scroll through 8 yellow bots to see what the other two blue ones are doing, and if I want to compare or select one of the two at the start of the list I have to scroll back through those 8 again.


This is why I want to see Robopacers on the MyList function.

It’s almost easier to load up into Watopia and teleport to a RP than it is to find what you want in the main menu.

Honestly, I bet if someone looked through my old data; they’d see I was riding with RPs MORE, back in the old main menu; purely because I didn’t have to scroll for 3 minutes trying to find them…
Just like how long it takes me to find the jersey I want in the menu.

Still under the impression that whoever works on the main menu UI assumes we’re all on iPads or… Tom Cruise in Minority Report…

Horizontal scrolling on PC is and has always been, literally, the worst user experience anyone ever came up with; I don’t remember how long ago I came across the first website I ever saw with horizontal scrolling, but it was probably in the mid 2000s.

It sucked back then, and guess what…it still sucks in the 2020s.


That’s what I always do anyway. Six minutes or so warm-up on Tempus Fugit (possibly with Bernie and then Miguel) and then teleport to Maria. Easy peasy.

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I said it years ago, too.
Continuing the discussion from New Zwift Home Screen Update [April 2022]:


Why was the achievements button (re)moved ?

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It’s not like this is new thinking, either.

This article is from 2013:

Even then it recommended:

“Include 5 or fewer frames within the carousel, as it’s unlikely users will engage with more than that.”

I can assure you it sucks on an AppleTV too.


In my opinion, EVERY power-up should be ruined. It’s cheating ! Just train more if you want to go faster.

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MY List doesn’t seem to SAVE.
Zwift version is 1.64.0
I use Windows 10.
Computer is Intel(R) Core™ i3-7100U CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz.

Companion App on Android 3.57.0.

I can access MyList in ZCA, make route selections and the selection appears in game but only once.

The route selection is not saved.

I believe it’s designed as a queue, not a permanent list of favorites, so if you start a ride from the list, that removes it from the list. Is that what you’re observing?

Yes, that description fits.
This means My list ,in it’s current form, will not be as useful as I had hoped.


OK, I went back and read Shuji’s original post on he clearly states it is a tool for planning the next ride, not a favorites list.

My oversight.
Read the instructions, who would have thought??


Assuming they made a useful tool is risky.

Yeah it does seem a little bit useful but with a bit more work it could be really valuable. I’d call it a good first step and I hope they build on it. I’d like to fill it up with things that replace everything on the For You tile row and stay there indefinitely until I choose to change the selections.


Seems to me it should be trivially easy to set a flag in Companion to “pin this”, and for the back end to act on that that “don’t remove this after use” setting. OK, sure, a but of additional UI in Companion, but really not much. Tap to pin, tap to remove pin. Simples.