My List and Home Screen Updates [April 2024]

Bit late to the game on this but just trying it now. Haven’t read all the comments (have skimmed through) so apologies if these have already come up.

Seems weird to have crit city in the list route selections when you can’t add either of the routes to your list. Same for all event only routes in the other worlds.

I got a couple of errors when first using it but they seemed to work after refreshing them.

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It’s nice being able to add workouts to our list, but in a future update could you allow us to preselect a route while doing it so we can just jump in?

Especially since, without scaling, it’s really hard to read all the different routes on a iPad.

In this initial phase - My List will show all routes and indicate Event-only routes as such. In upcoming refinements - we’ll hide event-only routes.

Gang - this is a first iteration of My List, and this feedback has been noted for future improvements as well.


Still can’t get My List to appear in the menu. iOS. Force closes twice. What am I missing?

did you update to the newest version?

More->About - what app version does it say you’re on?

Just deleted and re-added app. Now it’s there. Must not have updated.

Out of curiosity, where do you find the version number?

Me too, please give us a way to display more, smaller tiles on a big 4k screen.

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Nailed it. It looks so terrible on a big screen now, it’s almost comical.

And now to add insult to injury, they want 32% more money to continue delivering these garbage “updates” to us.


Gang - there you have it officially.

We (paying members) are their beta testers.

Why don’t you set up a beta testing program to opt in?
I don’t want to pay a third more since today’s price hike for your untested, buggy spaghetti code

Or do you need some glasses to see better?


Thank you for “my list” so I can plan my workouts better! But there are more to improve…
Because, if I want to do a warm up with a Pace Partner before and I want to change during my ride to my workout… I can’t see my list in my workouts.
Please make a category “my list” in the workouts.

2nd Idea:
If a Zwifter make a Workout, it would be good, I can choose thise workout or send it to my list.
Or maybe I can send a workout to a Zwifter (as a recommendation).

What is the point of using cards and then using a fixed width layout? The number of cards could increase to fill additional space or scale in size.

This is another strange decision on Zwifts part. There shouldn’t be multiple hard coded layouts for different screen sizes, there should be one adaptive layout.


I’m reminded every morning how glorious this home screen update is on my large, high resolution widescreen display. :clown_face:


It is the equivilent of using black bars for wide/large displays. I am currently using 3440 x 1440 (35’ ultrawide). It is a strange decision to me given even most mobile and tablet users likely connect to a larger external display. The preference is to a larger display for most if given the choice. The number of cards, the width, and the scale of the interface elements should be adaptaive. Using the avaliable space would make sense, regardless if it is a small or large display.