Multiple badges still not working

On the achievements page - the London Pretzel, Cobbled Climbs (Richmond) and UCI Worlds (Richmond) are all showing not completed still.

Are you potentially logged into multiple devices at the same time, like on an iPhone and an Ipad or something?


I have the Zwift app and Companion app on my phone but wasn’t logged on / using it that I was aware of.

Make sure the Zwift app, not the companion app, is force closed on your phone. Having multiple logins without the corresponding logouts on two devices causes a lot of issues. What do you use to run the game normally, assuming it isn’t your phone?

I use a laptop to run the game, will delete the phone app as I don’t use that - then there is no way I can be logged in twice :slight_smile:

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The last two days I haven’t been receiving the route badges, and yes I counted for lead in and went 3-5 k past the finish.

Yesterday was the big loop and today was the London flat

It looks like you got the Big Loop badge on Feb 14, and the (Greater) London Flat badge on January 5.


? Really, that weird. It’s not showing upon the companion app.

Thank you for getting that cleared up for me .