List of achieved badges should be available in the companion app or My Zwift


I’m new to Zwift, just completed my first ride today. I noticed a bunch of achievements/badges while I was riding. I went to check it out on the website and was surprised it’s not there. It seems like such an obvious thing to have on the website and the app.


Be able to access storage inventory from the companion app. It does not make any sense to have to start Zwift to do so… and the option to get to it is not user friendly


Or even just having a badge against each course you have completed in the selection screen would be an improvement.

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The if technical limitations result in a badge not being awarded, despite the banner being shown with in game., Zwift “support” might just be able to add it !

"Thanks for contacting Zwift support. I’m sorry to hear that you had trouble with your ride.

While I’d like to credit your account for the missing progress, I won’t be able to do so due to technical limitations. I understand that this isn’t what you were hoping to hear"

Any progress on this, Zwift? So many good ideas with plenty of interest and agreement all around. Is there a point to this interaction? No response from Zwift at all? This is not how customer support should be. Maybe we gotta be pro riders to garner a smidgeon of feedback?


How is this still a thing? This is one of the most basic and most obvious changes the need to be made to the game.


ZwiftHub is truly great, but it desparately needs to be API integrated with Zwift. I can never remember if I marked this off correctly…

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when will this easy feature be realised?

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Good point!

Why are we still having to use spreadsheets to keep track of routes completed? 1990s technology to work around something that should be easy. I just want access before route selection to the badges (or some way to know at route selection which routes I’ve already completed). Or via the Companion app. Or via the website account.

Keeping access to so much of the configuration and selection stuff until after you’ve started a ride is just weird and irrational. And on top of that, to change route you have to exit and restart. Smells of legacy lack of software architecture to me. They’ll have to fix it sometime or the whole thing will become unwieldy, and the longer it’s left undone the more difficult it will become.


Ha ha! I thought it was me being crap! Turns out it’s the UX-design. Good to see it’s been quickly picked up though…

Almost nearing the end of 2020… can Zwift development give us a heads up on what this feature takes soooo long while it’s high on user experience. Thanks!!

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I don’t understand that if you don’t want to build this function yourself, why is there no API available for Zwifthub. Now you have to do it manual yourself. Give them access with an API so it will be done automically.

:rofl: Best solution is just get all the badges then you don’t have to worry about it. :crazy_face: :rofl: LOL


If you are wanting to look at your route badges from your phone easily is to connect your Strava account to www.zwiftsegements. com and you will be able to see all of your badges that you have completed and what ones you still need to complete

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Bonne idée!

Yes, not seeing your badges from the website or from companion, is really not understandable from a user point of view.
Hé guys from Zwift, do you think that we don’t pay enough every month to make us mandatory HMI improvements from time to time !?
Like this or like giving people the availability to avoid quiting Zwift when you finish a ride (going back to main menu, like any serious game from the 80s…). Or select a new circuit without ending a ride !!?

What are your coders doing with the huge amount of money you earn every month ?


In the route selection menu, there should be a tick next to the name on each route you’ve completed. The current system of having to start a ride before being able to view your badges, then having to memorize which ones you haven’t done is a joke.


@Wayne_G1 We would all agree with you the current interface is disfunctional. There is one semi-solution you can use to at least work around the issue of having to start a ride to see which rides you have done. ZwiftHub is a 3rd party website that provides the ability to track your badges and route as well as showing you a map of each route to assist in selecting the route you’d like to ride and it’s profile. It is very nice implementation. It is not linked to Zwift, you manually click on badges and routes to record them, but it is at least a nice approach to working around the issue and seeing route details in advance. Give it a try.

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its a joke to use and to need third party websites to make a programm work. A JOKE.
in a beta game something like this occur but not in a full realease which gets constant money month by month.
thats really not nice.