List of achieved badges should be available in the companion app or My Zwift

I can’t disagree with you but at the same time, as a computer engineer I understand the position Zwift is in. Making a system work with literally thousands of configurations is not easy or even realistic. Just using Win 10 PC’s as an example, each has a different Bluetooth radio, drivers, software. BT works great on some computers and crappy on others. One thing we’ve frequently said in the engineering world is “standards aren’t”. You think BT is a standard, but there is so much that an implementation can do within the standard that will break functionality. I’m guessing that is part of why Zwift offers BT connection throught Companion App. To help provide another path. ANT+ seems like it too should be simple, yet it is not. There was a great article I’d have to dig up about what is wrong with the CYCPLUS dongle. It has to do with whether the device does frequent pings and reconnects. If it is not, it drops connection. That is not the PC nor Zwift’s fauls and they can’t fix it. This is what Zwift is likely dealing with.

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Yes, definitely want to see this improvement.

Would have been cool to have this as part of ZC.
Although as I have just the one route badge left to do I might not get to see any benifit from it :crazy_face:

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Es wäre wirklich eine sehr gute Idee, wenn mand en Fortschritt der Erfolge sehen kann. Mein Beispiel hier ist die Alpe de Zwift - Masochist Challenge. Ich weiß nicht, wie oft ich den Berg noch hoch muss. Bei 50 Runden wäre eine Fortschrittsanzeige wirklich mehr als sinnvoll.

Hey all - this feature request has been delivered in Zwift version 1.14.0

Huh? Not really.

Not everyone uses Companion - doesn’t this information belong in the the game itself, and help every Zwifter?

But the request in this thread is for it to be outside the game. The new route menu update is a welcome change, but it’s… not this.

It’s not an either/or situation anyway, why not do both? There are loads of things that could/should be in the Companion app IMO. It’s great for finding and selecting events, why not have a library of routes? Which could then have this completion data there too.


Indeed. I’ll pass along the feedback to our Companion devs.

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yeah and please report to your teams. communicate with each other so every platform. IOS, MAC, PC release an update which DOES NOT DIFFER. i find it strange to have options in the companion app which i dont have on desktop.

releasing different options on different plattforms, this strategy just show 1 thing: chaos

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your suggestion. But the Companion app is supposed to differ from the desktop version. There is a separate IOS app for running Zwift (I Zwift on an iPad, for example), and that experience I would expect to be relatively the same as the desktop. It happens to differ a little because … they are different platforms and have different requirements and interfaces. But the basic functionality (open, select a route {with new completion check marks}, visit the garage, and go ride) is all the same.

The Companion is just that; it’s a companion to either the desktop or iOS versions of the game. It’s not a one or the other situation. The companion app doesn’t replace the desktop, it’s in addition to the desktop, and therefore, is different than the desktop on purpose.


Its not a suggestion its a fact that something is weird and missing and incomplete and henceforth marks a weird strategy to force people to use their smartphone for whatever reason. the most fundamental point is privacy. privacy settings are fully unlocked using the companion app you cant change/set global privacy settings on the desktop version like hiding all rides or reveal rides only to followers.

The APP is forcing people to use features which are missing on the desktop version which in fact show that this game is just a complete beta version. maybe its smart and less time consuming to use code snippets for the app than for the desktop version ?!

i never saw games before that doing that. just image a game which unlocks its basic functions not via mouse or keyboard but with your smartphone AND only if you use your smartphone you unlock more settings in your options menu. LOL ???

App on AppleTV 4k:
Is this accurate? Uncompleted routes include a blank check mark in a blank circle. Completed routes include a solid check mark in a green circle.
Question 2: Today, I completed a route and the check mark became solid, but the circle remained blank. What does that mean?

This!!! We need this, its so stupid to have to start a ride just to check this.

If you have the new UI it not necessary to start a ride!

No, but we do need to start Zwift, which is almost as bad.

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It’s odd to me that your achievements are not just a part of your profile (and thus visible on the web, companion, or in game) given the social aspect of Zwift. I’m used to systems like xbox, steam, etc, where it’s super easy to see any of your friend’s achievements for any game they play.

But yeah, at a minimum you shouldn’t need to go through a device pairing screen flow to view your achievements when you’re not even planning on biking, so having them easy to access in the companion would make sense even after the homescreen UI update.


You don’t. As @Daren wrote, you have to start Zwift, but you need no pairing.

I’d agree it needs to be available outside of the game.

On both AppleTV and MacBook I have to go through a pairing screen, choose skip, clear the warning screen to get to the main homepage.

The pairing screen comes up before the main screen doesn’t it? I can’t recall whether you can access badges from the pairing screen.