List of achieved badges should be available in the companion app or My Zwift

I can’t disagree with you but at the same time, as a computer engineer I understand the position Zwift is in. Making a system work with literally thousands of configurations is not easy or even realistic. Just using Win 10 PC’s as an example, each has a different Bluetooth radio, drivers, software. BT works great on some computers and crappy on others. One thing we’ve frequently said in the engineering world is “standards aren’t”. You think BT is a standard, but there is so much that an implementation can do within the standard that will break functionality. I’m guessing that is part of why Zwift offers BT connection throught Companion App. To help provide another path. ANT+ seems like it too should be simple, yet it is not. There was a great article I’d have to dig up about what is wrong with the CYCPLUS dongle. It has to do with whether the device does frequent pings and reconnects. If it is not, it drops connection. That is not the PC nor Zwift’s fauls and they can’t fix it. This is what Zwift is likely dealing with.

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Yes, definitely want to see this improvement.

Would have been cool to have this as part of ZC.
Although as I have just the one route badge left to do I might not get to see any benifit from it :crazy_face: