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It seems like I’m finding out about a new Zwift resource every week and frequently see people asking about specific types of resources. I thought I’d post a list of the ones I’ve found - maybe you know some I’ve missed?

Maps, Routes, Worlds

Events, Challenges, Missions, Social

Workouts, Training & Racing


  • Zwift Computer Buyer’s Guide 2019 - 2020

  • Zwift on PC: The Ultimate Guide to Running Zwift at Its Very Best | Zwift Insider - written by the forum’s own @Dave_ZPCMR with input from the author of Zwiftalizer, a guide to building a Zwift PC to minimize cost and maximize graphic detail and performance. In some regions (UK, USA) you can build a PC on the cheap that runs Zwift beautifully. In other regions, a refurb iPad or AppleTV may offer the best value.

  • - if you want to go down the Apple iPad or AppleTV 4k route, Refurb Tracker can be used to create alerts when devices go back in stock on Apple’s online store. There’s little reason to buy on the used market as Apple’s prices often undercut used, the devices have been professionally refurbished and come with warranties.

  • - analyze your system, GPU performance, network, bluetooth, ant+ dropouts, etc.

  • Borderless Gaming - run Zwift on PC full-screen with fewer limitations than Windows defaults

  • RowedBiker and PainSled iOS & Android - apps that can bridge rowing machines into Zwift (converts rowing data to appear like a bike power sensor)

  • qDomyos-Zwift app for Android and iOS - another bridging app that can connect with a variety of non-standard exercise equipment (elliptical machines, exercise bikes, treadmills) and send the data to Zwift

  • Zwift Activity Monitor - GitHub - Allows Zwift users to monitor their moving average power and FTP in real-time

  • NPE-CABLE pod - Converts/binds ANT+ sensors to a single BLE signal - great for dealing with AppleTV limitations. It can also be used to convert a RowERG power source to cycling, allowing Concept2 rowers to “Zwift”. Sadly, the global chip shortage has resulted in the NPE-CABLE being unavailable for purchase for some time.

Hardware - Bicycles, Trainers, Misc.

Adaptive Athletes

I’d like some input on what to include here!

…and I suspect I’m missing many others.

Zwift’s M.O. seems to be “build a sandbox and let people play in it.” That’s great! It’s lead to a tonne of awesome creative tools.

I do wonder though if there’d be synergies by bringing some of the above officially under Zwift’s umbrella. Integrating ZwiftHub to update routes completed automatically would be a nice quality of life improvement. (or maybe that could be done with a link to Strava segments?)

It’s kinda happening. In the last year, ZwiftHub was taken over by ZwiftInsider, ZwiftPower was taken over by Zwift.

1 Like - analyze your system, GPU performance, network, bluetooth, ant+ dropouts, etc.


Totally forgot about that one! (having only recently used it with a new PC) Added, with thanks.

I’ll add mine (from bookmarks):

I haven’t added discriptions, but I think the titles are quite descriptive themselves.


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Wow. Amazing! I vaguely know what a few of those do - lots to process there!

Remember when all we had was Titanium Geek?
At least that was the source I used.
The first article I read about Zwift stated "instructions and explanations were purposely left vague or nonexistent to promote a sense of curiosity !
Not sure how that would go over today.


Thanks for pinning @shooj! I’ll try to stay on top of updating this. :slight_smile:


Will you be pasting the various suggestions up into an edit of the original post for an easier resource?

That’s the plan but I have a day job and will need some time to write a blurb for each item. If you want to volunteer to do that, it’ll speed things up.

I’ll take suggestions on categories sorting too - either into existing or new ones.

For example: ZRace Data Field - I have NO IDEA what that is or does. (EDIT - added Kristian’s explanation)

Is there any comprehensive explanation of ZwiftPower out there (apart from the very basic FAQ)? I found a german one which seems not really up-to-date. Any suggestions?

The old forum posts are best for ^that.

ZRace is a site that can predict your result position in an upcoming race based on your race history. It uses machine learning in the background. You can create a profile and provide your Zwift ID.
It can predict your position in a self-selected race or alternatively recommend races for your abilities in the next hour.

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Added summary, thanks!

I did a (not Zwift affiliated) video explaining the profile page: ZwiftPower - Introduction into the Profile Section - YouTube

Not sure if it is helpful.

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Good list! I started doing something like this 3 years ago, but it never got made public (and honestly then I forgot about it).

I had a section for useful Podcasts and YouTubers. The draft list only had Zwiftcast (RIP) and Shane Miller’s YouTube, but a section for that could potentially host a few particularly useful or relevant channels and podcasts. Apart from Zwiftcast I guess they’re a little more general, but still often cover Zwift-specific things.

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I’ve added links to the “Zwift Computer Buyer’s Guide 2019 - 2020” as well as @Dave_ZPCMR’s ZwiftInsider guide to building a Zwift PC. Dave and I may have different preference for devices to run Zwift but I think it’s worth highlighting the resources and letting people decide what’s important to them. Also added a link to the “Refurb Tracker” for people interested in going the Apple route - there’s little reason to look at the private-sale, used iPad market Apple undercuts it and offers warranties.

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That buyer’s guide is fine for some aspects but in others it’s outdated and could be misleading (one example being the bit you’ve quoted). Its author was involved with the editing of my article.

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Minor edits made, removed quote.

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