Elliptical Trainer

Is there a way to use an elliptical trainer on Zwift? Having no knee cartilage makes it impossible to ‘run’ on a treadmill but I can run on an elliptical…my search turned up nothing but I continue to hope! Love biking but some variety would be welcome…

I have just asked this question. Will let you know I can’t see why it wouldn’t with the shoe attachment. I had a hip replacement last year and got back to big fast walks but doesn’t give me the same buzz as running

If it can’t be done directly, maybe the QZ Domyos app will allow you to use an elliptical, or improve the experience.

The creator has been very approachable and responsive when people (including myself) have requested the addition of support for a specific treadmill.

@Roberto_Viola, can you advise?


This is the right (and only) answer. I linked to that app from the resource guide but here it is directly: qdomyos-zwift Guide - Roberto Viola

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which elliptical do you have?

Long time ago had a Precor…sold it. Started doing a lot of outdoor bicycling. Then Zwift…I use the ellipicals at the local center…most are LifeFitness. Since I’ve now developed some IT band issues I’m wanting to vary my routine…from almost 100% cycling to some other stuff and elliptical is something I enjoy. Keeping my fingers crossed…I bet I am not alone! Thanks!

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I manually upload my time/distance data into Zwift.

Have to research how to do that…
I do manual data input for Strava.

Hi is there an update to this? Elliptical with running pod/Zwift?