Paracyling added to Zwift -Handcycles and recumbant bikes

I would love to hear Eric Min say it is on schedule for 2020. We really need this to be fair and to recognize the effort some are going through just to ride.

Please vote if you haven’t already. Thanks


I’ll just drop my post in a related thread here, too:

This would be great. I have a spinal cord injury and am lucky to still ride a two wheeled bike, but I train with others that ride hand cycles. This would be a nice commitment to diversity. Would also be nice to have unique rider levels and group rides/races for physically challenged athletes.

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So still now news on this yet, as we enter the 5th year of this beign requested and plenty of up votes across all the different requests.

A little bit sad. :frowning_face:

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[insert cynical comment about what attracts new subscribers]


It was voted on a long time ago.

And it has been shared in many Hand Cycling groups, both facebook and many other places.

I ride more and more in Rouvy.
They have come with H1 and H2 handcycling friendly routes.

And when you do not want to hear us, I use it less and less.
Then there must be other platforms that will listen to us.

So that’s why I landed in Rouvy which does something more for us Handbikers.
Ride Safe. Ride On. Ride Online…
<3 See You All in The Virtual World <3

Hey all, I’m the leader of the paracycling program at the Norwegian Cycling Federation. We’ve arranged a weekly Zwift paracycling group ride. It’s a proper event that is open to everyone. The rubber-band effect is turned on so it keeps everyone together, regardless of power. It is meant to be a social ride for paracyclists from around the world to connect. You’re all invited to join! Every Wednesday at 19:10 CET.

Note: I have been involved in this discussion about para zwift riders for a long time and I’m aware that this group ride does not solve the avatar issue. The rubber-band is the key feature of this ride because it keeps all avatars together and allows us to enjoy the social aspect of the ride.



I am still in the fight. as of this morning I reached out to Jerremy Bishop, and Tyler Pierce aka The Vegan Cyclist - these are probably the two most dominant figures I know that are working with Zwift.

I will keep you posted after I have a conversation with each of them trying to get introduced to the right person at Zwift.

Stay fit, and be well everyone!

Bob Newman



I would suggest writing to the new boss in development. He seems like he wants to be in touch with Zwifters.

[Profile - Mark_Cote - Zwift Forums]
(Profile - Mark_Cote - Zwift Forums)

There’s a link there to his email and you can reference this long-standing post request.


Handcycle rider here, I use zwift for training 6 days a week and it would be awesome to have a handcycle avatar.


It’s been a few years and still nothing towards handcycle and paracycling avatars? Discrimination? Every handcycle and paracycle user on here pays a subscription, take our money but not listen for 5 years? That seems a little underhanded to me. Would sure like zwift to be a little more inclusive with their program. UCI is having events on here, paracycling is part of UCI. Maybe we need to make a little more noise to be heard

Saw this in a press article today -

“ The league “will also offer events for para-cyclists, and offer virtual adaptive bikes and avatars. The series was developed in collaboration with the Paralyzed Veterans of America and USA Paracycling. “

No word on a release date but suffice to say, this isn’t Zwift.

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RGT Cycling is in the process of making a Handcycling avatar. There is no date on when they will finish it.

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It’s more developed than that


Handcycles now available -


The topic highlighted in this feature request is significant and near to my heart. In an effort to raise greater awareness I recently published the story of an adaptive athlete and Zwift community member on the virtual cycling blog - The Zommunique’.

I plan to publish further reports on this issue in the near future. Please let me know how important it is to you and why? The more awareness the greater chance that it will become a reality.


Thanks Christopher. I’m really keen on helping inclusivity wherever possible; I’ve just read your article and linked to it below. I think it’s a good read and I like the question it ends on.

When I went to my first paracycling event, I remember being blown away by the huge variety of ways people have found to move using their own power, with different numbers and combinations of limbs. We all look the same on Zwift, and I’m pleased to find so many riders with disabilities on Zwift.

I’m curious to know more different opinions from cyclists who ride with disabilities, as I think the more we know the more it can help break down barriers. What should the physics of paracycles and adaptive bikes be on Zwift - should they act just like bicycles (much simpler for Zwift to make) or should they reflect real life? How many different avatars would be ideal, and how many would start to make a difference?


Representation of adaptive athletes and the availability of true-to-life avatars and bikes is an important topic that is dear to my heart. You bring up many great questions, and several of the major virtual cycling platforms have made answering them a priority. I will be sharing news of the significant progress made in this area soon. Thank you for raising awareness, Paul!


Good day, Paul! I have something significant to share on this topic. Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you,