Hand Cycles in Game

(Matt Faucher (Handbike H5) Caerphilly CC) #1

Hi Guys,

I’m one of a few Hand Cyclists using ZWIFT and think it would be great if we could get Handbikes for use in game, would be great feature.

After all cycling is a very inclusive sport so lets get ZWIFT to reflect it!



(. TomH..) #2

Hi Matt, 

Thanks a lot for your input, it’s all depending on you - users. :slight_smile: I’ll add it on the request list and will see if other people will vote it up so we can put it onto our radar. 

In meantime stay tuned and Ride On!

(Joseph Townsend) #3


As a pro para-triathlete using a hand cycle i would be really keen for this also.

I think if the hand cycle option was available you would get much more interest from hand cyclists. 

The reason i haven’t previously joined is because there is no differentiation. 


(Nicholas Vogt [Handcycle]) #4

As another handcyclist, I would also appreciate having one of our bikes in the “customize” options. Being able to compete against people that have similar equipment would really motivate me to perform even better.

Handcycles and Racing Wheelchairs
(Ellie K) #5

Yes this is a great idea and would give paracycling more exposure too. I ride and upright Trike (T2 in paracycling) and there are LOTS of thise in Europe…not as many in the US. Push on 

Push on pic to see entire bike…

(Nicholas Vogt [Handcycle]) #6

Another important reason for including a handcycle option: the untraditional values of a handcycle’s drag and weight. I was researching on what my avatar’s height should be (since I’m a double-leg amputee), and it appears that the height only has an effect on the drag effect. That made me realize that, even if I could put my current height on my profile, my drag would be inaccurate because a handcycle’s design makes it’s resistance against the wind very different than a typical bike does. Additionally, super long trikes like ours are bound to weight heavier than a normal bike, which then miscalculates our power.

I’m not saying that our numbers are THAT far off, but it’s worth looking into. Even if we didn’t get visible handcycle avatars, I would appreciate a simple menu button that would make the Zwift software adjust our drag and weight accordingly.

(DanSonn (Handbike)) #7

I just started this facebook page.