Paracyclist: custom avatar request

I know our para/hand cyclist fellow athletes have already requested that they have handbikes to choose from within the game. My request would be that I can custom my avatar to reflect the fact that I am a one armed rider, Im sure the game attracts many disabled riders who may have similar afflictions who would also have similar requests.
While we are at it, it would also be cool if we could add tattoos to our avatar in the custom section, what do we think, is this possible?

Hi Chris, interesting suggestion!

From an inclusion and representation perspective it would be great to have some of the more visible disabilities reflected in the game.

I dare say it creates many headaches of its own for the development team though. For example, each limb that’s “removable” in the game might mean a new model. So that’s potentially 4 new models just for arms (left, right, male, female). Then is it at the shoulder? Mid upper arm? Elbow? Once they start representing some disabilities, they’re opening a can of worms insofar as being equitable about it. Let’s not start on legs too!

I’ve voted for it because I agree it would be great for people to feel represented in the game. But we don’t even have long haired hair styles yet, let alone recumbents or hand cycles.

Hey Daren thanks for your reply. I have no doubt it is not straight forward to alter our avatar depending on our physical differences but lets not over complicate things either, just because it may be challenging doesn’t mean we should not attempt to make the change.
Recumbent bikes should definitely be represented, but as for long hair… like my left arm, I lost years ago :wink:

Anyway I will be leading the weekly Zwift IOM group ride this evening at 19.40hrs, all are welcome to join me for a 60 minute 2.6w/kg social spin around the London flat course… Ride on! :slight_smile:

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Absolutely, I agree! Just managing expectations, I guess. =) Blame work! :smiley: