Paracyclist: custom avatar request

The same problem for me … can’t vote … see “Limit” instead of it

Not to sound crude, but, if you can change sock height, why not limb length?

Sock length is just a graphic. Limb length is the 3D model over which the graphic is wrapped. It’s a much more involved adjustment, particularly on a sliding scale.

The best thing that could happen here is that people up vote this one linked below as it is thus far the most voted ‘feature request’ for this.

Zwift’s latest funding announcement includes a statement of commitment to all Zwifters:

We are reviewing how to better serve the diverse community of adaptive athletes in terms of avatar representation, event categories, and accessibility.

It might be a while yet, but having it put out there in black and white is an encouraging move.

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This is a great idea. I Voted as well. I’m a BK amputee, and I agree with the comment about socks (if they can do that, why not a mechanical-looking leg). I think it would be awesome if I could make the same impression in-game as I do IRL when I pass someone (or get passed for that matter). They do so many much harder things than this…

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I have just voted to include hand cyclists as an avatar option. Hopefully this vote and the emails we all send will bring the idea to fruition.

I wrote:
I have been using Zwift for a couple of years now, first in the gym and mor recently at home (due to COVID). I am a wheelchair user, so when I cycle I use a hand cycle. I would love to see this represented in my avatar. I would be happy to provide a variety of photos, give feedback on designs, or any other assistance to realize this change. It would mean a great deal to me and my teammates to be able to see ourselves more accurately represented when we cycle.