Handcycle modifications

Hey Zwift I am fairly new to the platform but I have been a cyclist for many years but this past summer i was in an accident and now am turning to handcycling as a sport and a way for a healthy lifestyle. My request is to have an avatar for handcyclist. A hand bike would be so cool because people could see what we are riding. Maybe just a confidence booster for some of us. I think the general population. Would enjoy it too as they are very interested in seeing handcycles on zwift as well. Also maybe make some ftp with lower power outputs that would be more suiting to handcycles as our power outputs are inherently less than that of a regular cyclist. We are using our arms rather than legs! Haha thanks and I hope to see one or both of these implemented soon! Thank you

I see this kind of suggestion appearing from time to time and I vote for each and every. Seeing people who keep cycling whatsoever always impresses me and it is a huge motivation!

Let’s add some votes here guys, that is much more important than any other feature!


as an H-3 para-cycliest and a rider with (PVA) racing and (CAF), I do agree. it would be so cool to see them in game. got my vote