Para athletes

Hi everyone, never posted on a forum before but here we go.

I want to get your opinion on something. I am currently a para-athlete with chronic pain in my lower limbs. I’m trying to get into cycling as I want to regain some muscle in my legs. Unfortunately, the pain is still severe but I’m enjoying zwift too much to stop.

What I’m proposing is having zwift move to allow for arm bicycles. What do we think? This would mean that zwift is also a full body workout whilst also being an inclusive environment.

Does anyone have any experience with this or ideas of how this would work? Do we think this is a good idea? Please comment!!

Hi @Alice_Fowle_para

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Are you asking about something like this.

Hi Alice,

I’m a WIS Veteran and ride a recumbent ICE Trike due to injury and with the intention of training for the Warrior Games and the Invictus Games.

I believe Zwift should depict both recumbent trikes and handcycles within the Zwift program. If our trikes were represented with the appropriate physics, it would make our Zwifting experience much more realistic and make it easier for those riding similar machines to find us.


I am glad you voiced your opinion about this issue. I was thinking about this as I was writing a draft proposal to organize a co-sponsored, specialized Zwift-based virtual event. Can I reference you in this proposal, Mr. Shuttleworth?

I’m more than happy that you reference me. You should also point Zwift at ICE Trikes here in the UK and the other trike and handcycle makers around Europe and The US who would support such an activity - as well as many of the riders.

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Hi Andy, I have been thinking exactly the same thing- it would be great to have a recumbent frame option. I have set up a charity called The Bowra Foundation, to support those recovering from neurological injury. The majority of our beneficiaries use a recumbent, and as we plan on using zwift for training and team events, having this option would greatly improve experience.