More inclusive for Adaptive Athletes, New Zwifter recommendations

New Zwifter here with some initial feed back.

Wish you would work on the avatars and bikes to include Physically Challenged athletes or just in general be more inclusive. I am an amputee so to be able to have my avatar reflect that would be great, basically like options for above or below knee, arms, right/left both. As well as an option for my friends who are in hand cycles and would want to train at home.

Why can’t I be enrolled in more than one workout. I am a triathlete and would like to as a new user do cycling 101 and running 101 at the same time. I am truly shocked I couldn’t become proficient at both concurrently.

Also, I thought I had something not setup correctly when my workout didn’t change my climb angle for Kickr Climb. I get that the erg mode is to hold Watts but I would till love the feeling of the hills in my workouts and expected that as part of my training plan. If I don’t want hills then I should just choose a flat course or and option to turn this off. I feel like I am only getting the value out of half of what I bought. It sounds like I am not alone.

100% agree! I am an amputee too. There aren’t any additional moving parts you would have to add to show someone using a prosthetic arm or leg. And adding options for hand cyclists would be awesome. I have a number of friends that ride with a 3’ height in their profile, because thats about what they are when they are on their hand cycles.