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There’s a lot of great technical information on the forum, but its ephemeral nature and chatty format means this information can get lost in time or noise. It would be helpful to have a place where knowledgeable users could maintain commonly requested information, workarounds, hardware and networking tips, etc. It would provide a source for answering questions without having to rediscover old forum posts.

Please vote for this if you agree.

Best collection is probably this: Links to Zwift Resources 🗺️


I was thinking of something easier to contribute to and maintain than writing a ZwiftInsider article or self-publishing, but maybe it should be hosted outside of Zwift’s environment.

Agree Paul.

Ring a bell @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ ? :wink:


Hey Paul.

I started the thread @Dave_ZPCMR linked.

I would LOVE to keep it updated but there seemed to be a time limit (a month? three?) after which I couldn’t make edits to the original post.

Ideally, forum admins would allow editing in perpetuity but in the meantime I could start another thread, copy the original data and link to the original post. Hopefully mods will pin the new one as well.

EDIT - new mega-thread up here: Link to Zwift Resources - Megathread #2 🗺

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I’m familiar with the thread. It begins to show the potential of a community maintained KB, but so much more is possible. If someone like me wants to contribute an article to the KB, there’s no proper system for doing that. There’s no good system for maintaining the index (your post). If I write a forum post linked from your index, it can’t be maintained by me or others once time passes. These are good reasons to have something separate from the forum (or added alongside the forum if the forum provider supports that).

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Maybe here? Zwift Wiki | Fandom