Future Forum Features

Hey Zwifters! 

Those of us on the community team are constantly promoting a family atmosphere for Zwifters, where we can talk Zwift, cycling, or even day to day adventures in a familiar space. So naturally, we want to apply this to the forums! 

We want to shake things up in the forums a bit to make them a more robust destination of discussion. So, if you have any suggestions on how to make these forums a better experience for you, or ideas on what features you would love for us to add please let us know! Comment under this post and we’ll keep track of everything said. 

Thank you all so much for being such an awesome community and Ride On! 

Now if the Zwift team can have an efficient, user friendly robust structure to add members value, then the result would be pretty awesome and useful for members.

As an information researcher - I think the weakest parts of any typical forum is the growing duplication of information, one lacking robust searching and quality labeling mechanism for sifting through information. Not to mention efficient management, as some highly active forum threads are 100s of pages long - which is amplified by the above issues i mention.

Other considerations may include designing a way forum information is corroborated to be accurate. A community which has managed a reasonable level of accuracy and global support is Wikipedia, so why not build a Zwift wiki which enhances the forum with less debate and more accuracy. I appreciate there is the business end in the knowledge base; perhaps quality forum debates could be distilled into wiki content from academic or practice based knowledge.Then topic links on a forum sticky could direct people to the information efficiently. Have the Zwift tech writing who can populate the wiki, with credible references, sources and articles for forum reference.




An easy way to find discussions I have participated in, or tagged in some way would be good to track the discussion.

I do like seeing the Zwift team participation so that’s “keep doing”.

And tonight I found the section on known bugs which was easy to peruse as it was reasonably short, but when you look in other sections, like feature requests, its difficult to find similar threads so people (me for example) end up opening another request for something that has been requested multiple times.  So a way of joining up the requests and perhaps categorising them to make them easier to review?  




Update - I just found how I follow discussions and find discussions I have posted in… doh, right in front of my eyes!

This might be dumb, but I would like to see a sticky somewhere in the forums with a constantly updated list of current major events going on with accompanying links.  The events page on the website does not make it easy to find the individual pages for things like fondos and tours and their various dates.  I always have to do a google search to find the direct link to a particular page.