Lead in distance wrong for some courses

I did the route Roule Ma Poule yesterday and the lead in section of the progress bar is wrong, it goes on past the banner at the top of the mini climb, shown below:

it doesn’t clear until about half way down the other side, shown below, i zoomed out so you can see where i am on the map in the top right,

the end finishes at the banner so i think it is just the lead in that is wrong.

Thanks for the report - we’ve written up a ticket to address it.

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Just to let you know this is still incorrect, from today’s ride

that is just after going through the banner and you can see the lead in is still not complete.

The lead in distance was also wrong on the volcano flat route, this pic is well after the banner and the main bit of the route hasn’t started yet:

The route finished in the correct place it was just the lead in that was wrong.

Is anyone able to change the title of this to be “Lead in distance wrong for some courses” to make it catch all not just france?

Like this?

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That’s it! i thought i’d be able to edit it as i created it but couldn’t see a way to do it?

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Same thing for NYC Park Perimeter Loop as well, on the progress bar the lead-in ends about 300–400 m too late.

Seems to be wrong on quite a few. It has been moved to known issues so expect it to be ignored for a couple of years.

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this is still wrong btw

seems to end in the wrong place so the lead in marker must just be in the wrong place on the progress bar.

I did the classique on London today and it is wrong on that one too.

Is this just one of those things that is wrong and no one really cares about - I’d say about half of the ones I notice are wrong. And that is me being generous!

These are still wrong!

Are these just going to be wrong forever then?

Please be positive.

Still wrong.

I guess that’s a yes