All Makuri Island lead-ins are 0!

This is weird. I just logged in to ride, and Makuri Island is up, so I chose it, and went looking at Routes, and ALL of the lead-ins are 0, which is astounding, considering there is one with a MASSIVE lead-in.

Is this a bug? Something left out of an update? The lead-ins show on the route animation, but the Lead-in stays 0. I’ve only looked at Makuri World, so can’t say whether the other worlds are zeroed too.

Just thought I’d mention it…

Hi @Rob_C_Neo_2, well, not all of them are showing zero, but here is one that is and clearly has a large lead-in. Looks like you found some bugs!

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Yeah, I was just going to post a followup. Some now do show one, and the other worlds seem to show them too, but that one that has the massive lead-in, Oops, you have it.


In the ‘grand scheme’, it doesn’t matter. We still have to ride the lead-in’s. I still think they are kinda silly, but whatever. Isn’t there a route where the lead-in is almost as long as the route itself? YEAH, Volcano Circuit CCW, is 4.9km lead-in for a 4.1km route. People should do a few laps and make that lead-in worth it. :thinking:

Thanks for the heads up guys.

I’ll have a look this end and flag with the team.

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Hey guys,

I’ve been and checked the lead in distances that we display (1st column) against those displayed on Zwift Hub (second column. Also, I found a complete idiot (me) who decided it would be a great idea when both Makuri and Neokyo launched to do all the routes in one go and record/upload to YouTube. So I’ve checked those distances too (third column)

Chain Chomper - 0.0km / 0.0km / 0.0km
Countryside Tour - 0.1km / 0.0km / 0.0km
Farmland Loop - 0.0km / 0.2km / 0.0km
Flatland Loop - 0.0km / 0.0km / 0.0km
Kappa Quest - 3.3km / 3.3km / 3.3km
Kappa Quest Reverse - 5.0km / 5.2km / 5.0km
Neokyo All-Nighter - 0.1km / 0.3km / 0.0km
Neon Flats - 0.0km / 0.3km / 0.0km
Railways and Rooftops: 1.7km / 2.2km / 1.6km
Rooftop Rendezvous: 2.4km / 2.9km / 2.4km
Sea to Tree: 0.0km / 0.0km / 0.0km
Sleepless City: 0.0km / 0.1km / 0.0km
Spirit Forest: 4.1km / 4.0km / 4.0km
Sprinters’s Playground: 0.0km / 0.3km / 0.0km
Suki’s Playground: 0.1km / 0.2km / 0.1km
Temples and Towers: 0.4km / 0.8km / 0.4km
Three Village Loop: 0.0km / 0.0km / 0.0km
Two Village Loop: 0.1km / 0.0km / 0.0km
Valley to Mountaintop: 0.0km / 0.1km / 0.0km
Wandering Flats: 0.0km / 0.1km / 0.0km

They all look pretty close, granted there will be a slight potential difference on where you’re randomly placed at the start of a route.

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And… The KOM “board” at the top of the KOM on Rooftop Rendezvous is non -functional. No one ever on it.