Distance isn’t right!


I did the ToW stage 4 long gravel ride this evening and allowed it to go straight into a free ride after the finish arch so I could ride onto the full hour as a wind down.

I actually stopped the ride slightly over the hour as the distance had just clicked onto 40km

Zwift and strava only show me as 38km’s

I’m guessing a lead in doesn’t count dispite being shown in total distance or something??

I checked a few other riders in your event and they seemed to have covered the correct distance during the event ( ~35km’s completed - 5 laps of 6.1 + 4.3 lead-in). I wonder if the change in event gravel to normal dirt is causing the issue.

I’m probably going to jump on and do that ride myself in the next hour or so, so I’ll see if my legs let me also round off to 40km’s mark before saving and see what happens!

Dean, that’d be interesting to see how you get on.

Be warned though, the A ride was a bit boring with the 5 laps :rofl:

I remember consciously riding past the hour mark to round off the KMs ! after splashing out on super calibre mtb before the event only to find there’s an assigned bike :man_facepalming:t2: So I was building the drops up again :rofl:

Rightio, done.

I clocked the 40km’s then jumped off and saved etc. And its showing 40km’s everywhere (Garmin, Strava and Companion App).

Looking at your “live” map in your activities, you finished before the bridge (at 5.5laps) whereas I finished my 6 laps (40km’s) after the bridge. I took a pic of my 38km mark which seems to be similar to yours.

I had switched to my road bike at the end of the event so that last 5km’s was on a road bike whereas you were on your mtb by the sounds of it. Still thinking this is related to the new dirt. I took a bunch of pics at different points but have to shoot out for a few hours so will have a look to see if I can see anything strange in my logs/pics etc.

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Hi @Mantis_Toboggan

That’s odd. I checked your account and noticed that you did finish the ToW Stage 4: Dirt Drippin’ Event yesterday. Everything on your account suggests that the ride was properly completed, saved, and the .fit files successfully uploaded, so this all appears to be in good order to the best of my knowledge.

That being said, Zwift did record 23.7 miles // 38.14 km for that specific Zwift activity to both your in-game progress and in your .fit file. That much I can also confirm.

Hi Steven

I’m not at all sure what went on with it , it gave me the credit on the tour for S4 too and at the end of the event I took a snap shot of the time and power etc before riding on to the 40km

Tonight’s group ride with the donny chain gang worked correctly and seems to have recorded the full 50k so I’ll just put it down to a glitch in the matrix

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Hi @Mantis_Toboggan

There’s been some weird stuff going on with ToW: Stage 4. The phenomenon you’ve encountered may be related. I’ll keep an eye out for similar reports and if we can establish a trend, I’ll go ahead and flag it up as needed. Thanks for your vigilance!

Ride On.