TDZ catch up stage 4

Was hoping to do this tomorrow morning at 9.30 but distance seems a bit long for the shorter run :grinning:

Just checked the events listing and you’re not wrong. Ouch

Yeah, since type of error. It’s supposed to be 3 miles and I was going to run over my lunch break. Then it popped up as 14+ miles. Did not have the time or energy to run that far. Tried contacting support but nothing back yet. I ran over 3. Hopefully it counts because it’s my last one left to complete riding and running.

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I was hoping that when I started my run it would be the correct distance but sadly it was not. I just quit and did a workout session instead.
There seems to be many marked at the wrong value but I found one tomorrow at 10am (U.K. time) that is the proper distance and am down to do that.
Congratulations on finishing them all, great job. :clap::clap:

Yeah, I had the same issue this morning with Stage 2; was planning on short 15 minute 1.5 miler, ended up wanting 5.8 miles out of me. With work and getting kid to school, didn’t have the time for it. Did 1.51 miles, so I may not get the official badge/finish, but in my heart I know I did it. Unless I really want to run at midnight local time tonight on one that is actually listed at 1.5 miles.

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It looks like the future stage 4 run events have been fixed to 3 miles now. Guess I’ll redo it tonight to make it official. I messaged Zwift to see if they could fix mine manually but waiting on a response and don’t want time to run out.