Tdz Run. Stage 7 standard issue

I did a standard run on stage 7 of tdz and didn’t saw finish line even after 6km (5.1km expected). Seems that I (we) was directed to the wrong path. Or any other bug here. Please fix it.

I will run this in 30 minutes and report back.

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I also did this run.
There was no finish line.
Also no run results uploaded to Zwiftpower, and stage 7 run not marked as done in the TdZ event log thingy.

Will we have to do a stage 7 run again?

Hi all - Apologies for this as it appears to have been caught up in the same bug that we have seen on a number of cycling routes.

I’ve been and updated the rest of the 7B stages to Mech Isle Loop for the remainder of today and tomorrow.

I don’t know what impact this will have on stage completion.

Apologies again.

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Thanks for the feedback James.

Note to self: reminder to NOT do first events of the day…try to do later times when glitches (if any) have been resoved.

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Not that it needs it but I can confirm it’s broken.

No great issue as I’ll run the longer distance tomorrow.

Standard distance is fixed now, at least until the end of Tuesday.

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No worries. Given my current running schedule it doesn’t cause me any issues.

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