KICKR v6 WiFi connection | Wahoo Direct Connect [October 2022; February 2023]

Never do a spindown in Zwift. Do the spindown calibration in the Wahoo app, and if it doesn’t work, contact Wahoo support.

The DC needs to be plugged into your router or switch, NOT a hub or pc. Make sure on the connection screen you are choosing the icon’s with the RJ45 icon and not the bluetooth one for cadence/power/controllable. The kickr’s do a auto spin down, no need for in game calibration.

The instructions and the website say that it can be connected directly to a PC.

Regardless – now everything is kinda messed up as it won’t even connect consistently via Bluetooth.

I don’t the ability to calibrate.

I need help troubleshooting all of this – I also saw a bunch of forum threads with similar issues; however, there was no technical information.

Unfortunately, my trainer is a paperweight at this stage.

Yes you can connect it directly to a PC if the two are configured appropriately. But do test it with the Wahoo app, check for firmware updates, and contact Wahoo support if you can’t interact with the trainer using the Wahoo app.

Update on my side.

So I have everything working now, DC plugged in to my router and RACE MODE available. The direct connect definitively helps, there is very minimum lag. both on the gaming side and on the actual riding side. No issues with connection; everything has been working smoothly.