Kickr Wi-Fi no longer detected in AppleTV’s Zwift app

Hi team, i ride Kickr 6 on Wi-Fi (with instant response to up &down) connected to Apple TV, rode several days ago and no issue. Switched on today and Kickr updated itself via Wi-Fi. Rushed into setup and only had BT connection. Usually can choose btw BT and Wifi. Did race and def in erg mode, no respite in downhill and very flat power variance. After, I disconnected, uninstalled and re installed Zwift in Apple TV. Can’t connect via Kickr wifi to AppleTV app of Zwift. Doesn’t even register a wifi broadcast from Kickr. Was fine last week. Unplugged everything, closed all apps on phone. And did a software update on Apple TV too.
Not supposed to be this clunky.

Flipping hard work racing on erg mode :weary:

Same problem here on windows. Prior to the firmware I couldn’t connect over wifi either.

I have list my Kickr6 Wi-Fi connection on Windows. Had to use Ant+ today as Zwift now not giving a Wi-Fi option in the pairing screen. Unplugged everything and no change. Pretty annoying since I bought the new trainer to connect using Wi-Fi.

There seems to have been a problem with 1.33.2 that broke the wifi connection for V6. There are, at least, 2 other threads discussing this so hopefully we see a fix soon.

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Just saw an update on a different thread. There is a wahoo wifi firmware update that fixes the problem. Confirmed that the wifi connection worked for me, but didn’t check all functionality.

Should be wifi version 1.0.12

[ KICKR v6 WiFi connection | Wahoo Direct Connect [October 2022; February 2023] ]