2000w Spike in ERG Mode

Whenever I stop pedaling in ERG or I pause the workout then continue it shortly after, almost every time the power spikes to 2000w which is very frustrating because it stuffs the graph and my max power records. I am using a wahoo kickr V5 trainer and a windows 11 pc.
This is a regular issue I have had for a long time.
If there is any way to fix this issue I would be very grateful.

I think Zwift is trusting whatever number the trainer reports so you might try talking to Wahoo.

I’ve had this issue when I’ve had power drops for the first time over ANT+ since August with my KickrBike.

There doesn’t seem to be any fixing it; I had Zwift support try to delete it so my power graph wasn’t ruined, but that didn’t seem to do anything; my 1s power is still a silly spike on Zwift and ZP (at least for another 70 something days)

What’s weird is; these 2000w spikes are ONLY visible on Zwift and ZP. Garmin and Intervals were able to delete them automatically, which I thought was weird that Zwift can’t recognize a spike from say 200w immediately to 2000w for half a second is not erroneous data and delete it like ‘everything else’ can.