Kickr Bike Shift

Ciao guys!

I’ve just got my Kickr Bike Shift; my expectations for this bike was super high (because of the cost), but honestly I’m not satisfied 100%.
especially for the fatigue you have to put on the pedals. Too much hard compare to the Wahoo Kickr Core for example. Is it normal? I use only in ERG mode.

If anybody are using this bike, could share with me some feedbacks?

Thanks a lot!

Is it just a case it more accurate than the core?

Have you power meter pedals to compare against?

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Hi, I do feel the same way. I just switched from my Kickr Core to the Wahoo Bike Shift and my FTP dropped by 30watts.

It feels much harder to average 270 watts aswell…

Really annoyed, cause I do not want to go through the whole process of sending it back again.

Exactly Moritz, same sensations :sleepy:
I don’t know if could be an issue for the bike, or is normal (since we don’t have a real bike under the ass, the feeling it will be different for sure), but is annoying. Maybe could be fixed with some settings, but honestly I didn’t found nothing. Or easily, it is what it is and we have just have to get used to.

Waiting for someone else that can help us :grinning:

Ciao ciao

I would also like to point out that the watts on Zwift continue to swing, especially when I do training in ERG mode. the bike does not keep the wattage fixed but oscillates up and down, compared to the wattage I should maintain. Mess! :sleepy:

My wife has this bike and I did some testing in ERG mode.

I have her bike set to 2 chain ring 12 speed and DI2 Synchro shifting

I found if I was in gear 1 - 1, 1 - 2, 1 - 3, 1 - 4 and 1 - 5 ERG mode was terrible and it felt like the power was yoyoing all over the place. Once I was in atleast the 6th gear that went away and felt more normal.

At the moment it appears Power Smoothing does not work on the shift as well so you would be seeing the true power readings so all that up and downs.

Definitely try and make sure you are not in your easiest gears and more tradition middle of the cassette to get that straight line and see how it goes.

What would help though is if Zwift actually added gearing support for this bike to visually see in game what gear you are in

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Go vote up this thread -

Also, there is an on-going thread about an external gear display for KICKR BIKE and SHIFT here -

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Feels harder than my old Elite Drivo

Do not have proofed data due to seasonal fluctuation, but I guess my indoor ftp is approx. 5% lower

Of course outdoor is different again. You can compare indoor vs indoor only.

I upgraded from kickr core to shift back in Oct.
Never use ERG mode personally but havent generally felt that the shift requires more power.
It absolutely does feel different though, due to the shift doesnt have a fly wheel so you dont get that drive inertia as such.
Maybe its that

Exact same issue here. Got the Shift a few days ago and sent a support ticket to wahoo that I’m working 5-10% harder on the shift compared to my core. I can generally confirm this with historical data on the same workouts and HR metrics.

Hope they have a solution, otherwise it’s getting sent back.

Also, the resistance during a gear change on the shift is astronomically high to me; anyone else experience this?

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I’ve had my Shift since October and the resistance during gear change is something that was immediately noticeable to me. I’ve kind of got used to it now, but it’s nothing like riding a real bike. To be fair I haven’t played around with the gear settings very much to see if it makes a difference.

It does generally feel much harder to ride, but I don’t have any power meter pedals to compare against.

ERG mode is just awful, I’m hoping this will be solved with a software update at some point, but I have seen replies from Wahoo to say it’s expected due to the way the Shift works.

I’ll be interested to hear what their reply is.

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Just got one:

  • fit? check
  • gearing? check
  • noise? silent! (so silent I had to fix the rattle in my shoe)
  • feel? TERRIBLE (spike in resistance equaling 100w+ when changing up gears as reported above)
  • no gear display? WTF!

I mostly do Zwift racing, and I put a lot of effort into maintaining cadence through lots of gear changes. I suspect that will be impossible with the Kickr Bike Shift.

I need to do some rides to see if I get used to it, but I’m not optimistic.

If you have a Wahoo head unit, you can pair it to the SHIFT and get gear display.
If not, have a look here Wahoo Kickr Bike - External Gear Display There are plenty of options to make your own, very easily.

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The Wahoo app will also show the current gear. To be honest I don’t really miss seeing the current gear, although it would be nice to see it in Zwift, just to help when you’re starting a ride. I’ve set it up to use Shimano Di2 synchro gearing so I don’t need to worry about the chainring, it’s just an easy up or down.

I find once you get the gearing right, those sudden resistance changes level off - They only really appear when you jump from small to big chainring virtually.

I run 52/36 11-32 12 speed with DI2 for racing - With a low TD level I am only using the big ‘virtual’ chainring. Though when free riding & climbing at 100% TD I have a set of Climbing gears that I switch to within the Wahoo app.

I tried to run a larger virtual chainring at first & those jumps just felt to big, it certainly didnt mirror my TT bike IRL.

If you run Sauce, you can get the bike gears on screen as there is a mod specifically for Kickr bikes.


Thanks for the tips Lee.

I changed the profile today and it’s a bit better

  • was using he same setup I had on the KICKR Core 42t 11sp 11-51
  • today I tested 32t 13sp 10-44. Gear changing much better. Still not perfect, but much better. However I haven’t tested sprinting with this.

I haven’t mucked around with trainer difficulty yet. Will try that next. I think I have it set to the middle at the moment.

Where can I find that mod?

Just got kickr bike shift. ERG is not working. Power jumps around like there’s no ERG in effect. Anything one can do to make it work?

Kickrbike mod within Sauce.

Erg mode is fine here.

I done a ERG ride at the weekend for the first time in months on my Shift, and it was much better than before.
This time I put the bike in the lowest gear possible before I started, I’ve read elsewhere that it seems to help, and it did for me.
Check you also have the latest firmware, the Feb update doesn’t mention anything to do with ERG, but it’s possible they tweaked something.

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