Kicker Snap with Apple - Too Much Resistance

I have had my Wahoo Kickr Snap for 3 years and not had any issues.

I connected it via Bluetooth to my MacBook or iPad via Zwift. Recently the resistance has taken over and it’s unbearable to ride in free mode, let alone a workout. It’s slightly better on my iPad compared to my MacBook.

As soon as I hit a gradient of 2% it feels like it’s 15%. Going down hill at -3% and down it feels like the breaks are on. Today during a ToW ride I got up to 520 Watts’s (43 kmph) and couldn’t keep up with riders. Ever ride zoomed passed me like I was walking … despite the pace being ~ 28-30kmph.

My FTP has dropped from high 260s to 109. I’ve tested my own fitness running and outside on the bike and it’s fine.

In terms of troubleshooting I’ve tried:

  • Pumped both tyres to recommended PSI.
  • Performed a spin down and a factory reset spin down via Wahoo app.
  • Serviced my bike and check general mechanics.
  • Reset Bluetooth connection between my devices and the kickr.

What can I do to trouble shoot and possibly recalibrate the resistance setting, connection to Zwift via Apple products, or anything else?

Many thanks in advance,

Have you tried your trainer with something like RGT or SYSTM to see if it’s the trainer itself or Zwift’s connection?

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Hi @Paul_Bertelle

Looks like we’ve had at least one other Zwifter on this Forums thread who’s recently reported what sounds like a similar issue. So, the reports we’ve received are sparse at this juncture but verging on being considered a trend.

If you can answer Steve’s question, that would be quite helpful because it’s important that we establish whether it’s an issue specific to your trainer or if what you’ve described is only happening in Zwift.


I’m having similar issues with KICKR ‘17 and Zwift running on AppleTV.

After I force quit Zwift last night, I launched RGT and had no issues with resistance.

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