Just got the e-mail for Tour of New York - No new kit - womp womp!

I’ve been a long-time supporter of Zwift, and have personally convinced at least three friends to buy smart trainers and start riding online. Have been on the platform for three years in February. After having watched the UCI worlds today and seeing how much time they must have spent designing national jerseys and cleaning up the race reporting UI, am I the only one who is a little irked that they couldn’t even do a new Jersey for this year’s ToNY?

To spend all those design/programming resources on two races that made a great experience for what, say 90 pro and semi-pro riders and a bunch of people watching, and then next to none on an event that every rider on Zwift (many who’ve been on the platform for years) can participate in is just so disappointing, and it isn’t the first time. You know that these annual events are coming up. Is it so hard to designate one designer to create a unique jersey each year? Even if it just modifies our existing Jerseys from prior years with bands or something to say how many years we’ve completed (that would actually take programming instead of design, tho’).For those of us for whom jerseys, etc. are a particular type of motivation, knowing that the kit is the same doesn’t create the same compulsion to ride that a new one would.

Can someone from Zwift please just give us a roadmap so we can know whether to stick with this platform or no? I love Zwift. I know that different people use it in different ways, and that you can’t please everyone all of the time. But can you please cycle through the different constituencies over the course of year instead of just servicing new ones/pro racing? People have been waiting for the anti-sandbagging rollout for MORE THAN A YEAR. Others have been waiting for you to roll clubs out to everyone. Some of us would just like unique jerseys for these annual events, which honestly, seems like the easiest thing in the world to do.

I feel as if you’re focused on growing the platform at the expense of long-time customers. You’ve taken a bunch of VC money and don’t seem to be doing the bare minimum for your current customer base at the expense of creating races for a few people so others can watch online?

First rowing was coming, then, because you polled, uh…cyclists, you decided there wasn’t demand for rowing. [hey, how about polling rowers?] You telegraphed all of my above mentioned changes that haven’t happened (including a new UI), and seem to be taking forever to roll them out (if at all). I know that usage grew during covid, presenting you with scaling issues, but surely not everyone in the organization had to work on that?

I just wish I knew why Eric was so cagey in his responses on the Zwiftcast. It should be a no-brainer to publish something annually (like, on a permanent webpage) saying “This is what we want to roll out this year/Here’s our development roadmap”, and then revisiting it quarterly or semi-annually to see if you’re still on track or if you have abandoned/revised it (and why, if possible). Just a little better communication/transparency would go so far with your user-base. Honestly, I wouldn’t even be mad if I hated all the things you had planned for the next year, if you’d just tell us what they are.

Anyway, I know this isn’t new feedback, and I’m not one who’s ever been critical of Zwift - I love the platform. I’m just feeling more and more disheartened that things that should be simple and/or high impact are being overlooked to try to tap into a completely different userbase. I own a software company, so I’m not oblivious to the demands of development, but holy smokes I don’t understand some of your decisions.

[Note, I half expect to be slammed for this, but this is in the feedback category - I just want to fall in love with Zwift all over again!]

I just find it interesting that 2018 is retro. Although, with the year we’ve all had 2018 does seem a lifetime ago.

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You do realize everything you wrote is super reasonable, but that Zwift is not a software company?

That similar suggestions have been made again and again, only to be met by silence?

Anyway, no new jersey, no Tour of New York for me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Apparently Zwift can’t release any more public jerseys as there is some sort of limit on how many can be shown in game at once. It’s ok for pro races as the number is limited but for the wider community they can’t control how many different jerseys are being worn at once and that’s an issue.


If that’s a case it would be great to know if Zwift are doing something to fix the issue. As a short-term solution, couldn’t they just give us the old ToNY jersey PLUS new shoes, a new helmet, or new gloves?

@Ian_Tuck I like your post - very well written and I think you make great points. One good thing about repeating jerseys which have been released before is that Zwift has apparently gained a 263% increase in customers since April this year alone, which means that any jersey released a year ago is “new” to more than 70% of Zwifters, so I think it’s good that “us newbies” get the chance to access them. As I said above though - it’d be great to get a new helmet or shoes so there’s something for “the old guard” as well.


Maybe its because its the Tour of New York, not Tour of New Jersey!! :crazy_face:


:joy: :joy: :joy:


Huh. That’s an odd limitation. Trying to imagine what early design decision resulted in this. Using a short int for “jersey_type”?

I wonder if they see any discussion about the internal workings of their platform as competitive IP, and that’s why they so rarely comment on development?

That’s why I thought some indication of how many years could be put on the classic jerseys - “earning your stripes”, as it were. I’m not completely against one-time kit for early adopters. Pretty sure I see some early Jarvis island drops from time to time that we’ll never be able to get. I think the Bo Jackson ride had one and that was just this year. I wouldn’t expect newcomers to be able to earn that one.

Zwift already does this with things like their quiet rides, which I’d love to do, but they opened up only to early Jarvis riders. This was months ago, it seemed to work well, but they still haven’t opened it up to everyone. Their decisions are so opaque and frustrating. I’d even feel better if they said they only have three full-time programmers so it at least made sense. Here’s hoping 2021 is better for the large user-base and less focused on pro eSports.


I can’t believe they actually published that, hilarious and sad at the same time.

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I can’t decide if whoever wrote it is extracting the urine from us, or the management team. :rofl:

I too, look fondly back at the days when [checks notes] “In My Feelings” and “■■■’s Plan” by Drake were the number one songs through much of the year. When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married, Brett Kavanagh was confirmed to the US Supreme Court and Anthony Bourdain died. Those long-ago, halcyon days that are worth reminiscing about. C’mon, Zwift. Do better.


Back in the day, when you could describe a deity.


He does not like it when you take His name in vain. I even capitalized it! You know that Shiva wouldn’t put up with this nonsense.

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I don’t understand how that limitation comes about so it might not be true. Just what I heard but considering they are just repeating jerseys for the tours and fondos that have already been run and not providing new kits to teams like HERD who have been around for ages kinda indicates that there is some sort of limitation.

If they can make stupid costumes for Halloween, how hard can it be to make a New Jersey for events?


I guess a copy of each kit has to be stored locally in each client and at least a subset in memory at runtime, so adding them left and right has an associated cost (computationally, anyway). Plus managing them in the garage gets complicated as they add up as well. As far as New Jerseys go, I’d rather like to see the one across the GWB and up along the river from there in game…


The person who used to do new jerseys has left Zwift and no-one knows how to make them anymore.

That’s my theory. Like how there’s no updates on ZwiftPower anymore since Zwift took it over and booted the guy who made it.


That seems ridiculous.

Gets my vote. See also ‘we can’t award badges retrospectively’ which they rolled out for years. Turned out they just didn’t know how.

I thought you were just supposed read “won’t” where it says “can’t” with that one.

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