iOS Companion App does not support UTF-8 Characters like äöüß

When using special UTF-8 characters like äöüß (quite common in the german language, not sure if the problem is the same with œæå from scandinavian languages for example, but I suspect it to be the same), the Companion App Chat won’t show the chat message but displays an empty chat message instead. This is quite annoying on international group rides and frankly renders the companion app kind of useless when it comes to chatting.

If you find this annoying too, please vote this up, so Zwift Support will get on it.
I already submitted a ticket, but feel free to submit one as well.

This was tested on iPhone6s with iOS 13.2.2 and Companion App 3.9.0

I’ll attach some pictures:

And while you’re at it: Please add Emoji-Support. Its 2019 :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree!

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Still not fixed… feel free to hire me, I’ll lead a dedicated team to UTF8-Victory.

Still not fixed. Very annoying and renders the Zwift experience bad.

Reported again. Really bad


This right here is a classic example of why people are ‘negative’. Thread dutifully reporting a fundamentally broken feature is approaching a year old with not even an acknowledgement from Zwift let alone a solution.

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To be fair: Back in April I found myself riding with Jacob Fraser, Senior Manager Brand Experience, and talked to him about this, because with the massive influx of new riders due to Covid-19 I saw this as a more pressing issue than ever before. He gave me his personal contact information to get in touch if this issue was still unresolved. Which I then did.

He got back to me a few days later, reporting that his team is well aware of the issue, but it seems non-english characters have to be added manually to the font Zwift uses, so its a slow process. I submitted all missing UTF8-characters for the german language (öäüÖÜÜß) and urge everyone to do this for his or her own language. The more people get in touch with Zwift about this, the earlier this gets resolved. Vote this up as well, maybe it helps.

Ride on.

@Jacob: If you read this, I told you someone should write about this before it blows up in your face :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can confirm that the problem also exist with the Norwegian letters “æøå”.

Well, I can’t stress this enough: Vote this up and Zwift will fix it.

Aside from the fact there’s precious little (or no) evidence that votes on here count for anything at all, you shouldn’t even have to appeal for community help. It’s a fundamental and discriminatory flaw in the app, that they should have fixed long ago.

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Well, getting too philosophical here, but as with all discriminatory issues: Raise awareness, make a splash, get sh*t changed. Just sayin.

And believe me: I keep wondering, why this bug isn’t annoying way more people than just us.

Not having a go at you at all. :+1:

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Still not fixed then. And even things as mundane as pound signs in English don’t work between the app and in-game. Not to worry, maybe it’ll be fixed in another FOUR YEARS. Absolutely embarrassing.

Still not fixed. Very bad user experience for all non-English communication. Makes companion app chat almost worthless for other languages than English. PLEASE FIX IT.


Eric Min talked in the Zwiftcast about making it easier/better for new users. Not discriminating against them based on their language would be a reasonable start.


Same here with French accents not showing…
É èêëà

It took literally years, but I just checked and this issue has finally been resolved by the latest update (at least for the characters I tried).

Unfortunately I gotta report that this is far from being closed, its german special chars only, nordic languages still not fully supported. Please make some noise in the last update notes…

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