Companion numbers/views bug | Android, German/Deutsch

The latest version of zwift companion is buggy in the german version 3.31.0. The data of the analysis of the training is not displayed because the fields are somehow shifted. The main menu is still correct, the submenus are not. The error occurs on different smartphones. In google is also reported by several users in the reviews about it.


Same here. Thx for the bug report.
It seems a basicly correct internationalisation (“durchschn.”) of AVG that is causing a html-Rendering “bug” at this point. The Ø-Symbol [ø] is commonly undestood as avarage symbol in Germany (despite medical context where it means NULL/NOT/NO). It could be suitable in that context.

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Are you using Android? I don´t see this on my iPhone (3.31.0 german, iOS 15.2), everything looks fine.

Grias Di Sepp,

forgot to say: Android 8

The preview of events does not work either. Android 10 and 11 are also affected.

Hello Hiltja_Schnell!

Would you kindly tell me what your device’s text size and screen zoom is set to, please? To access this on Android, please follow these instructions:

For text:
To make your font size smaller or larger:

  1. Open your device’s Settings.
  2. Tap Accessibility and then Text and display.
  3. Tap Font size.
  4. Use the slider to choose your font size.

For display size:
To make items on your screen smaller or larger:

  1. Open your device’s Settings.
  2. Tap Accessibility and then Display size.
  3. Use the slider to choose your display size.

Hi Alyssa. I had tried this long ago. (Update 13.12). The error occurs in all possible options. Other german users also have this bug. The programming of the app is faulty. Thanks.

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For example, everything very small.

Thank you for checking!

Could you tell me what device and model it is you’re using, please?

I’m not Hiltja but I can tell you that I observe the same problem using version 3.31.0 (1306) on a pixel 4a with Android 12, security update of 5 December 2021, build number SQ1A.211205.008.

Thanks and best regards

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Das Problem hat nichts mit der Android-Version zu tun. Es liegt an der Übertragung, Übersetzung und Decodierung ins Deutsche. Um alle Zahlen, Statistiken und Werte zu sehen, könnte man die Compagnion App auf die englische Version umstellen. Einstellungen/System/Sprache/Sprachen und Eingabe/Sprache/Sprache hinzufügen. Dort fügt man English (Germany) hinzu und muss English wählen. Die gewählte Sprache steht dann oben, an erster Stelle. Die Apps werden in der englischen Version angezeigt und die Daten sind wieder lesbar. Nach der Ansicht schiebt man English wieder an die zweite Stelle und kehrt so zur deutschen Ansicht zurück. MfG Hiltja😪

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Same problem on my device.

Xiaomi Mi 10T lite / Android / 6,6"

Only on German language, please fix it.

Hi from Austria, same issue with Xiaomi mi9, Miui global 12.5.1, Android 11

Same problem

Same here.

Workaround of @Hiltja_Schnell works for me.

Please fix.



I’m having the same problem since I changed the language to German. I saw the same bug on a friend’s phone.

Running Android 11, Companion version 3.31.1 (1311)

Best regards,

Edit: Font size and display size are both set to “Standard”

The same problem here and all friends with the Companion APP! Please fix the problem dear developers and maintainers of this wonderful APP.
It is not a solution to change the system language to be able to read the values.

Please please fix

Hi All,

same here.
Android 12 / Samsung Galaxy S20FE.
But I have again taken the version from November (3.29.0)

on my Galaxy Tab S6 i have no problems.
But is also more space on the screen.

Best Regards,