Stats not readable on Companion App

Since months the stats (results) in the summary of my ride in the Companion App of my Android Smartphones (OnePlus, Xiaomi) are not readable but it works on my tablets (Samsung, Xiaomi). Is there a way to configure the font size or how can I remediate the problem? It seems, that this is a bug and it is really annoying as I always have to switch to Strava to see my results (timeline works well)
Thanks - Jo

There’s no settings for changing the font size in the Companion App as it’s all dynamically adjusted for your devices but I’d love to see some screenshots of the parts that don’t display properly so I can share with the team.

This sounds like the problem of Companion running on Android devices configured in German and that still hasn’t been corrected after six months:

(I have no idea if tablets running Android are immune. Either that, perhaps yours are configured in another language.)


@Lucas_M attached you’ll find the screenshots - indeed the tablet version runs with English language support vs the smartphones run with German language support…

@Roule_Thoune thanks a lot - I just verified it and according to the screenshot attached it works with English language support on the smartphones as well! A bit embarrassing for a company, which offers their services ww to leave this unfixed for such a long time…

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Thanks. This is the language issue mentioned by Roule. The dynamic sizing of those boxes doesn’t do well with the longer text