German localisation error in Zwift 1.24.0


After updating to the new 1.24.0 version of Zwift yesterday I noticed a problem with one of the texts in game. I‘m running Zwift on a Mac (macOS Monterey 12.3.1) and use German language settings.
When during a ride the message appears to close the gap to a rider in front of you then the German version of that text does not display the ß character:

See (in the screenshot) how it says „SCHLIE E DIE LÜCKE“.
That’s no functional regression, just cosmetics. But would be nice to get it fixed. Thank you!

Thanks - I’ve your comments onto the team.


I can’t believe it. An error that was fixed years ago is back. Did someone copy/paste the old code? :thinking:

Hope it doesn’t take as long to fix it as last time.

Stuff like this seems to happen every time they refresh/update the fonts, which they did this time around.

Not only MAC-User same Problem with Windows.
And the Fonts-Problem with the CompanionApp ist still there