[ATV] German GUI issues

With the new updated Apple TV App a couple of new bugs appear:

1.) Issue with german umlaut “ß”, it is a blank space.

2.) The personal record list is missing the user name, and the time is replaced by “X” as placeholder.

3.) The interface shows distance covered in miles, although the unit is set to “kilometer/km” and instead of the time the placeholder “X” appears again.

Don’t get me wrong, but these are very obvious bugs, which should never appear in the release version of the app. Maybe you should check the code more closely.

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve flagged your comments to the right team.

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@shooj Thank you. Today I found another one:

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Thanks for the update - this is a case of glyphs missing from the font family, and we are working on getting them.


Just a reminder

  • Update: v1.0.50775. The above issue is not fixed, 30.05.20
  • Update: v1.0.51959. The above issue is not fixed, 14.06.20
  • Update: v1.0.53005. The above issue is not fixed, 27.06.20 - I have added a new GUI issue.
  • Update: v1.0.53416. The above issue is not fixed, 09.07.20

Remark: It says a lot about quality management if such trivial errors are not corrected promptly.

This GUI issue can be found in the macOS Zwift Client.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-28 um 20.32.11



I’m not sure why these issues that haven’t been there untill a certain update are so hard to fix. They are still there (not just in Apple TV version, I use Windows 10) and have not been fixed with several updates that have been released afterwards.

Just a hint for the “missing glyphs issue”: It is always possible zu spell a German “ß” as a “ss”.

I’m sure that every Zwifter using the German UI would be very pleased by having these things fixed. Thanks!



Another update today, even an update with fixes for translation issues, but German UI still not fixed. :disappointed:

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The problem with the “ß” has been fixed with the last update (thank you). Other issues with the German UI are still there, e.g. the “3 vor X Wochen” in the 30-days-PR-window, which should be “vor 3 Wochen”:


I can confirm this, thank you Thomas.