AppleTV: Join Now message despite being customer

(Edwin Thaves) #1

Another Zwift update means another problem. Launching app remembers my miles and other data but messages me that I have 25k remaining fir free and I should join now. Been a member every month for over a year. Trying using restore purchase option and it does nothing.

And the issue with scrolling using the AppleTV remote still isn’t fixed.

(D C) #2

have you sent in a support ticket to zwift, or did you just come straight to the forums? sounds like your bank denied your charge. i’d probably check with my bank if i were you.

downloading the apple tv remote app solved all my issues with apple tv, have you tried that yet? not ideal, but keeps me zwifting

(Vincent W.) #3

OP says issue was solved. Closing topic :slight_smile:

(Vincent W.) #4