Display bugs (ATV german) [September 2022]

Considering the last update v1.29, I have to get a little sarcastically.

How can you come up with the idea of changing the font type of the user interface and thus worsening readability, but not take care of display errors that have existed for years?

The following error can be found on one(!) page of the german user interface (ATV):

I guess your software tester team has overlooked these issues :smirk:

As a user i don’t like to be misused as a beta tester, but i understand that software is never bug free.
What annoys me massively, however, is when you report bugs as a user and these are not eliminated even after months and years. I feel such behavior, and I’m certainly not alone, as disrespectful.

Hi @Erik_Schumacher_MIN, thanks for flagging this up and providing the screenshots! I wrote up a bug for the issue and passed along all your details to our Developers.