Translation errors in the Drop Shop update


I´ve just started zwift after the new update. Just want to let you know the german translation is seriously messed up.

  1. When starting Zwift after the update its set to spanish. That´s easily changed, however the menu button for the workouts is now in italian. In the drop shop there is no text on the orange back button.

  2. The flavour text for the items you can buy is full of grammatical and spelling errors.

  3. Items you own are titled “Besessen” which translates to “obsessed” and the selected ones are titled “Ausgerä” which should mean “ausgewählt” i guess? :slight_smile:

In the drop shop main menu there is also some background text on the right which looks like programming code

same here …

furthermore --> pl. have a look and check the suggested technical/physical characteristics of the wheel sets. They’re obviously complete nonsense. All wheels are exactly the same ultra-lightweight.

(just wondering if there would any testing dept. at zwift)

Heheh, that’s pretty funny!

I guess someone’s using Google Translate, and looked up “possessed”.


Maybe haben would be better?

I have the same issue after the actual (drop shop) update running Zwift on MacOS.
Zwift should be German - but in my case it’s now a mix of Italian an English. Could be fixed within the pairing-screen by re-setting the chosen language - but it’s strange nevertheless.
That might be useful for my next holiday there - but actually I really would like to have ONE language back :wink: