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Dear all,

It’s been a few days that there is a new automatic translation (for example some text switched from english to french without any action from us, the riders).

The issue is : the translation is probably full automatic and does not make any sense… it’s word to word and the sentences are totally nonsense!!. This really destroy the zwift experience and is barely acceptable from a 150€/year game …

Can you correct this bug by bringing back the english (it was very understandable things like “spin faster”) or correctly translate the two words ? I’m sure community will do it with pleasure and will prefer that rather than having nonsense every two minutes on screen.

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Hi @Kardel_KC_Sharpeye, welcome to Forums. I’m Juan from Zwift. I appreciate you taking the time to bring this to our attention.

I understand how important it is for you to see the translation correctly. I’ll forward this to the team that handles translations. In the meantime, it would be great if you shared a screenshot once you get a chance.

Very poor French translation indeed. During workouts, I get told to free wheel faster :slight_smile:
I remember my first rides in 2020 when it took three updates to get “X says ride on” use the right verb form in French, so nothing new on that front.

Hi Juan ,

Thanks a lot. I bring you this screenshot so you can understand which kind of text I’m talking about :

It’s the translation of “spin slower” here. You can change it to “Diminue la candence”.


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Hi @Kardel_KC_Sharpeye thanks for bringing this to our attention. Our French speaking staff agree that Diminue la candence is a better translation, so we’ll make that change in the next game release.

If you see jargon / slang specific to cycling or running that could be phrased better, please let us know! FYI - we have human linguists who localize our content, it’s not machine-translated.